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School Council 2015-2016

Advent Fundraising


We were delighted to welcome three special visitors to the school on 20th May 2016, Sr. Maria Haughy, Ms Margaret Harvey and Mr Richard Mallon. They came to talk to the children about the work they do with two local charities and collect the £1,200 raised by the whole school community during the Autumn term Advent Fundraising Campaign. The photographs below show our School Councilors meeting with the visitors.



St. Dominic’s Primary School has a great tradition of fundraising for charity during special times in the year, including Advent and Lent, and finding ways to share some of what we have with others who are in need of support. We mainly support Catholic based-charities who are working with families and communities here in London and across the UK or those who work to provide help in countries around the world. The School Council worked closely with Miss O’Toole (RE Leader) and Mrs Murphy (School Council Link) to discuss their ideas and make decisions about charities whose work is making a real difference to the lives of others. The children decided to support two local charities that help the homeless in the Camden and Kentish Town area, the charities are St. Vincent De Paul (SVP) and SanKtus. Both charities provide hot meals for the homeless, SVP also provide shelter and emergency packs to help homeless people stay warm and clean.


Classes organised their own fundraising events such as cake sales after school and the whole school took part in a Christmas jumper day.Thanks to the very generous support of our children, parents and families, just under £1,200 was raised for the two charities chosen and this has been shared equally between the two charities. This was a fantastic achievement by everyone involved and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your support.



Our visitors met with the School Council and talked about how the charities would use the £600 that has been donated to each. Sr. Maria Haughey represented SVP and talked to the children about the emergency ‘Vinnie Packs’ and how the charity would be able to provide approximately 170 packs using this donation. Ms Harvey and Mr Mallon represented SanKtus and talked about how many hot meals they would be able to provide with the donation and other services they can provide. These include helping the homeless to find temporary shelter and have access to shower facilities. They wanted the children and the school community to know that the donation will make a real difference to the lives of others. Our School Councilors had great questions to ask each visitor and were wonderful representatives for our school.



Both charities have asked that we pass on their thanks to you for this wonderful support of their work.


Camden School Debates


The School Councillors represented the school very well on Thursday 3rd March when they participated in the ‘School Council Debating Session at Camden Town Hall. The children were accompanied by Mrs Murphy, School Learning Mentor and School Council Link, and other staff for this event. St. Dominic’s pupils led a presentation on the major improvements to our playground facilities in the last two years and how this has improved playtime and PE activities. The children also visited the Mayor’s Parlour and found out more about how the local council works and how it helps our local community.


The Camden School Debates are a great opportunity for our pupil leaders to share their work outside our own school community and learn more about how our democratic governance system works. Staff were very impressed with the way the children participated in the debates and the excellent manner in which they represented the school.

Have a look at some of our pictures from the day!  

New School Council 2015

We are proud to present the new School Council for 2015/2016!




Amy, Maria, Persis, Janet, Caylah and Abigail

Sonny, Danny, Max, Dylan, Nathan and Breno



The first meeting!