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The Annual School Council Debates 2017



We were proud to represent our school at the School Council Debates at Camden Town Hall in front of the Deputy Mayor of Camden on Thursday March 9th.


Our presentation was titled "Is It Important to have Quiet Areas?"


This is a project that we have been working on with Mrs Murphy during recent meetings to create a much needed quiet space in the KS2 playground. We presented our Power Point to the Deputy Mayor and two other schools (Gospel Oak and Fleet) in the Council Chambers.



There were lots of questions afterwards but we had all the answers!


For example, someone from Gospel oak asked how we came up with the idea. Teddy told them that in the playground, children were complaining that there was nowhere quiet to sit  and read, colour in or just chat without the risk of being bumped into by children running around .The children spoke to their class reps who then brought it up in the meetings and we started a plan to find a space for the project. Councillors took out clipboards and tallied up to find out who was for and against the idea.



We received a lovely certificate and badges as a souvenir of our special day!



The Quiet Area is proving to be a great success!



Father Nicholas came to bless the Quiet Area








Please take time to watch our presentation below:




School Council Meeting 6/10/16


       Present: Mrs Murphy, St. Martin, St. Catherine, St. Peter, St.Teresa, St. George, St. Bernadette





   2.Feedback from last meeting


  3. Contribution to the Behaviour Policy


 Mrs Murphy has discovered that is some money for new benches and we are looking into purchasing some soon.


Mrs Vass came to the meeting and we discussed the School Behaviour Policy in detail.


Pupils were given a chance to say why it is important to have a Behaviour Policy and what they thought should go into it. Quotes included:


“It is important because we need to keep children safe.”


“Bad behaviour can affect your learning and distract others from learning too!”


“Be a good role model, ignore silly behaviour.”


“Show good listening skills.”


The School Council agreed that overall, behaviour is good in our school and that the children feel safe and cared for.


Anti Bullying Week


We held a meeting to discuss "Anti Bullying Week" and as a result we came up with our own Anti Bullying Code that is easy for all ages to understand.



We put together a big display with handprints that children from both KS1 and KS2 had made to promote the message.







As a result of this display children commented that they felt empowered to speak up if they felt that they were being bullied.







School Council Meeting 22/02/17



  • Meeting with Bishop Nicholas Hudson

  • School Council Debates

  • AOB


  • Today we had a very special visitor, Bishop Nicholas Hudson. We were asked to represent our school by talking to him about how the School Council works and what we do. We met the Bishop in the Learning Hub and discussed how and when we run our meetings. We talked to him about our “ABC” of bullying and showed him our posters.


    As a result of this meeting we will now display the “ABC” on each floor.


  • We also talked about our ideas for the quiet / shaded areas and a friendship bench (we will be ordering these soon). He was very impressed with how we run our council and the fundraising ideas we have had.


  • We also talked to the Bishop about how we prepare for our First Holy Communion and what a special occasion it is for us all at St. Dominic’s.



  • For the next two weeks, we will be preparing our presentation for the School Council Debates at the Town Hall on Thursday March 9th.



  • St. Catherine’s rep said that the Table Tennis tables are very dirty and need cleaning.


    Mrs Murphy will speak to Les regarding this.

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St. Dominic's school council 2016-2017

Our new School Council are ready to represent their peers and act as the

“Pupil Voice” for St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary School.


At St. Dominic’s we are proud of our School Council. Elections were made at the beginning of the Autumn Term and the new Council got to work straight away. At the initial meeting, the School Council Constitution was introduced and the children received their badges.






The aim of our School Council is to:

  • Share and resolve issues.

  • Make the school a better place for children.

  • Develop projects to improve the school and community.

  • Fundraise for equipment to improve playtimes.


The membership of the council consists of a girl and a boy from each KS2 class.



Elections take place once a year in September. Children self-nominate after considering the role and whether they wish to commit to it. The class teacher lists all the nominees on a ballot sheet. Each child is given a ballot sheet and asked to vote for one boy and one girl. Children can vote for themselves. The School Council Coordinator (Mrs Murphy) collects the results and the Head Teacher announces the new council in Assembly.


Children can only be a School Councillor once!


There are some issues that must not be talked about at meetings. These issues are.

  • We must not talk about individual children or adults.

  • We must not talk about issues outside school.


The meetings will be held once a week or fortnight. There will be more meetings if necessary. The secretary will ensure that the minutes are ready for class feedback after the meeting. Class Teachers MUST allow time for feedback.

Removal / Resignation:

Members are not expected to resign. Members can speak to Mrs Murphy giving a reason but her decision is final.

Members may be removed from the Council if the Chair, Mrs Murphy and the rest of the Council agree that a member continuing would be detrimental to the Council.



Council members


Attend meetings.

Ensure meetings are held regularly.

Share their class concerns and ideas.

Support setting up playground equipment/ fundraising events if necessary

Feedback to their class / buddy class.

Feedback to Head or Class Teachers if necessary

Act as good role models around school.

Encourage and praise good modelling.


At the end of the year, Councillors receive a special certificate in assembly.



Initial meeting 29/09/16

Present: Mrs Murphy, Representatives from St. Martin, St. Catherine, St. Peter, St. Teresa,

St. George, St. Bernadette



  • Introduction and School Council Constitution
  • Suggestions from reps
  • AOB


Mrs Murphy asked everyone to introduce themselves and say why they wanted to be a School Council Representative for their class.



T – “I was happy to be chosen because I want to be able to help others.”

N – “I want to be able to listen to my friends and share their ideas at meetings.”

K – “I just want to make everyone happy!”

A M– “I think it’s important that everyone’s voice can be heard at meetings.”

E -“I want to help improve playtimes by getting more equipment.”

A – “I want to help make the school a better, safer place.”

D– “I wanted to be a councillor because I know what’s right and wrong and I want to improve our school.”

T – “I want to represent my friends.”

L – “I want to listen to other people’s opinions.”

A – “I want to share ideas at meetings.”

F- “I’m sensible and want to improve the school.”

A- “I want to hear ideas and try to make them happen.”


Mrs Murphy then asked if anyone wanted to start the meeting.


K – “Kids in my class have suggested a school bus for swimming but we realised it would be too expensive.”


We took it to a vote and everybody agreed.


A - “We want more benches.”

A – “What about a quiet area in the back playground where no one is allowed to run? People can go there if they’re sad or just want a quiet chat with their friends.”

A – “Yes, I agree they should be just sitting benches facing each other.”

T – “We could hold cake sales or book sales to raise money for a quiet area.”


We took a vote and everybody agreed that the quiet area would be a good idea. Mrs Murphy will check to see if there are any funds available to start the project and feedback next week.





Camden School Debates


The School Councillors represented the school very well on Thursday 3rd March when they participated in the ‘School Council Debating Session at Camden Town Hall. The children were accompanied by Mrs Murphy, School Learning Mentor and School Council Link, and other staff for this event. St. Dominic’s pupils led a presentation on the major improvements to our playground facilities in the last two years and how this has improved playtime and PE activities. The children also visited the Mayor’s Parlour and found out more about how the local council works and how it helps our local community.


The Camden School Debates are a great opportunity for our pupil leaders to share their work outside our own school community and learn more about how our democratic governance system works. Staff were very impressed with the way the children participated in the debates and the excellent manner in which they represented the school.

Have a look at some of our pictures from the day!  

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