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Spring Term

Easter Assembly - 'The Last Supper' 


On Wednesday 3rd April 2019, we performed our Easter assembly on The Last Supper.


We remember when Jesus and his followers had the Passover feast before he died. He shared the bread and wine, thanked God for it and gave it to his followers. We are reminded of this when we receive the sacrament of Holy Communion.


We also sang some of our favourite songs; This Is My Body, Remember Me and Lord of the Dance.


Thank you for coming to our Easter assembly. We hope you enjoyed it!

Year 4 School Trip to the

Camden CLC 


On Friday 29th March 2019, Year 4 went on a school trip to the Camden CLC. We learnt how to use a new piece of technology called an ‘Edison robot.’ We learnt how to use the ‘EdBlocks,’ which is the icon-based robot programming language.


You can read more information about it here:



This week, our class made chicken and pesto roll-ups. First, we spread some pesto on the tortilla wrap. Then, we added chicken, onions and cheese. Next, we rolled the wrap and placed it on a baking tray. A milk and flour paste was poured on top and then sprinkled with cheese. Finally, it was cooked in the oven for 30 minutes until golden and brown. It was tasty! We really enjoyed making and eating it!

Year 3 and Year 4 

School Trip to the

Tower of London 


On Wednesday 13th March 2019, Year 3 and Year 4 went on a school trip to the Tower of London. First, we explored the Prison where we learnt about torture, executions and imprisonment. Then we explored the Fortress where we saw the Crown Jewels, White Tower and Battlements. After that, we had a workshop with a member of staff. She was dressed up in costume and told us many stories about the prisoners. We learnt a lot about British history and had a wonderful day!



In English, we are going to be writing a narrative, based on fictional crime. First, we researched The A Team finding out about the characters and setting. Then we started to use our imaginations and our knowledge of crime to think about The A Team’s back story. What crime were they accused of? How did they escape? After that, we used role play to perform our ideas.



This week, we have been learning about fractions. We used strips of paper and folded them to add two or more fractions. We learnt that an improper fraction is when the total is more than one.

Safer Internet Day 


On Tuesday the 5th February, it was Safer Internet Day.

We were learning how to understand consent in a digital world. We used drama and role play to create three short scenes where we explored what online consent and permission really means. We learned the potential consequences that could happen if we don't get consent. By the end of the lesson, we understood that getting consent is our own choice and by doing so, we are being a kind and respectful online friend. 


In Topic, we have been learning about 'Crime and Punishment.' We learnt about what happens when a case goes to court. We discussed the different roles of people in a courtroom such as the judge, lawyers, suspects, witnesses and jury. Then we had to act out a scene in court. 


In Maths, we have been learning about area. We learnt that area is how much space is taken up by a 2d shape or surface. We used post-it notes to find the area of different rectilinear objects in the classroom. 




Our new topic is 'Forces and Magnets.'


This week, we completed an experiment investigating different surfaces using toy vehicles. We set up a fair test to compare how toy cars move on different surfaces.


First, we needed to draw and write notes to explain what we were going to do. Then, we wrote a prediction and thought about how to make the test fair. Next, we recorded our results. Finally, we explained which types of surfaces slowed down or stopped movement on the ramp.



This week, an awful crime was committed! A thief shocked the Year 4 children by vandalising their classroom and stealing the class teacher's Ipad.


The children had to investigate the crime scene using question words and find evidence that could lead towards the suspects. It is still a mystery who stole the Ipad, but the Year 4 children fully intend to find out!