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St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

"St Dominic's helps me to be the very best I can be as a child of God."

Our Learning Values:

Focused Confident Ambitious Flexible Brave Creative Resilient Spiritual

St John

Week Beginning 26th September 2022

Nyah is our Star of the Week for being focused in our Writing lessons. She innovated our class story and tried her best with her hand writing - well done, Nyah!

Week Beginning 12th September 2022

This week our Star of St John is Joanne! She has amazed Miss Buckle this week with her behaviour and effort in class! Well done Joanne!

Week Beginning 5th September 2022

This week Noel has won Star of the Week for settling into Year 2 so well! Miss Buckle and Mrs Geary are extremely impressed with his effort and very much look forward to seeing him continue to flourish this year.

St John's Stars of the Week 2021-2022

Scroll down to see all of our amazing Stars of the Week from the 2021-2022 School Year.

Week Beginning 4th July 2022

This week Marlo has won Star of the Week as we have seen a big improvement in her Maths understanding. She has tried very hard all year to practice her Maths skills and we can see how her confidence has grown. Well done, Marlo!

Week Beginning 20th June 2022

Krystal has won Star of the Week for amazing RE work. She listened so carefully in the lesson to each part of the Bible story and produced a lovely play script demonstrating her understanding of the story. Well done Krystal!

Week Beginning 13th June 2022

Dejah is our Star of the Week for showing our Core Values - creativity and focus, especially in our DT and Art lessons this year. Dejah, it's been wonderful to see you hard at work; creating things from your imagination and testing out different ideas. Well done!

Week beginning 6th June

The week our star of St. John is Lara for being a kind friend and a great team player in P.E. She listened carefully to instructions and played fairly so that everyone in our class was included.

Well done, Lara - you are a Super Star!

Week Beginning 23rd May

Krystal has won Star of the Week for being a wonderful helper in St John. She helps her friends with care and attention, and is always ready to complete jobs around the classroom.


Well done, Krystal!

Week Beginning 16th May

This week everyone in St John has earned Star of the Week for having a great attitude in their SATs. They made Miss Buckle and Mrs Geary extremely proud. Well done- you've amazed us this week!

Week Beginning 9th May

Our star of St John this week is Lexynne. She has been a kind friend and had an outstanding attitude towards her writing. She retold our story 'The Secret of Black Rock' and wowed us with her great sense of character voice. Keep it up, Lexynne!​

Week beginning 2nd May

This week Ellie-Mae is St John's star for learning her spellings and using lovely story language in her writing. We are so proud of your progress, Ellie! Well done.

Week beginning 25th April

​It's been very tricky  to choose a star this week as all children in Year 2 have just been amazing! But our stand-out star of St John is Michelle. Michelle has been a super learner in many lessons this week. From solving problems mentally in maths, to innovating a story in English- Michelle has wowed us. Well done, Michelle!

Week Beginning 19th April

This week Aland has won Star of the week for being a fantastic independent learner. He has listened well and really impressed Mrs Geary and Miss Buckle with his work. Well done, Aland!

Week Beginning 28th March

This week Kimberley is our star of the week for showing her creative flare, especially when painting our Easter cards. Kimberley, you are a very talented artist! Well done.

Week Beginning 21st March

This week Vinnie is our Star of St John. Vinnie is always putting a smile on our faces with his great sense of humour and knows how to cheer his friends up. It is such a pleasure having a funny friend in our class to brighten our moods. 

Week Beginning 14th March 2022

Our star of the week is Mason for being a pleasure to teach. He arrives at school full of energy and ready to learn. He shows an eagerness in all subjects and he has continued to have an ambitious attitude towards his learning.  Well done, Mason!

Week Beginning 7th March

This week Kassidy has won Star of the week for showing creativity in all of her lessons. Her imagination knows no bounds! It is such a pleasure listening to her speak in character and explain her thoughts. She has also showcased her amazing drawing skills this week. Well done, Kassidy.

Week beginning 28th February

This week Arielle is our star for continuing to improve her reading skills. Her progress has been outstanding this half term and we couldn't be prouder of her and her great attitude towards reading. Well done, Arielle!

Week Beginning 21st February 2022

This week Lara has won star of the week for being an independent learner. She wowed us in maths when she thought about how to solve problems all by herself. Well done, Lara!

Week Beginning 7th February 2022

This week in St John, Krystal and Oliver are  our stars. Krystal consistently shows a determined attitude towards her learning whether it's completing maths challenges, or practising her reading skills, she is always keen to succeed. Oliver also shows great determination especially in maths. This week he has been very eager to see how many tasks he can complete in maths and enjoys solving tricky problems! Well done to both of you!




Week Beginning 31st January 2022

This week St John's star is Marlo.


Marlo has shown our core value 'Confidence' especially in her writing tasks. Well done, Marlo- keep up the good work!



Week Beginning 24th January 2022

This week Vinnie is our Star of the Week for being a great independent learner. He tries his best in our written tasks and is a fantastic role model to others. Well done, Vinnie! 



Week Beginning 17th January 2021

Kassidy is our star of the week for showing our core learning value- Resilience. In every subject Kassidy is willing to try her best and learn from her mistakes. She impresses us so much with her great explanations and wowed us in History this week when describing how conditions have changed since the 1600s when The Great Fire of London occurred. Well done, Kassidy!



Week Beginning 10th January 2022

This week Dejah is the star of St John for showing our core learning value ' Creativity'. In our English lessons she thinks of imaginative responses and has great ideas for her writing. She wrote about the Great Fire of London from the fire's perspective and really got into character, using great expression. Well done, Dejah!



Week Beginning 4th January 2022

This week Arielle is St John's Star of the Week as she has made great progress in all areas of her learning. She has demonstrated our learning value 'Focussed' as she tries her best each and every day at school. Well done, Arielle!



Week Beginning 13th December 2021

This week our star of the class is Lexynne for demonstrating our core value- Confidence. In our performances she dazzled the audience with her lovely singing voice. A fantastic solo, Lexynne- well done!




Week Beginning 6th December 2021

Michelle has earned Star of the Week for showing our learning value - confidence.  We have been busy practising our Christmas Nativity and Michelle has been very confident with knowing when to stand up, say her lines, and doing the actions to our songs.  Well done, Michelle. What a great performer you are!​

Week Beginning 29th November 2021

​ Aland has earned Star of the Week in St John Class for demonstrating our core value 'Flexible'. Despite there being lots of changes to our regular timetable with Christmas Nativity practise, Art lessons and Mass, Aland has behaved very well. He has had a good attitude in class and completed his tasks for the week. Well done, Aland!




Week beginning 22nd November 2021



Ellie-Mae has won Star of the Week in St John this week for displaying our learning value 'Focused'. She consistently tries hard in all subjects at school and is an absolute pleasure to teach. This week she has made great progress in her Phonics and Maths work due to her hard-working attitude. We are so proud of you, Ellie-Mae, well done!

Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Mason is St. John’s 'Star of the Week' as he has been an exemplary student; a caring friend on our visit to the Heath with a ‘can-do’ attitude towards his learning. Mason has been setting ambitious goals for himself, especially in written tasks. His enthusiasm is infectious and he is always striving to improve. Well done, Mason- you’ve had a brilliant start to Year 2!