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"St Dominic's helps me to be the very best I can be as a child of God."

Our Learning Values:

Focused Confident Ambitious Flexible Brave Creative Resilient Spiritual

St Joseph

Week Beginning 9th May

The star of the week in St Josephs class is Sovann! Sovann is a really lovely friend, she looks after her friends very well and enjoys creating her own stories with them. Sovann has a lovely imagination and uses this in her role play both inside and out, she is also starting to write down her own ideas. This week she has been very creative and thought of her own games, sharing her ideas with others and letting them join her.

Well done Sovann!

Week beginning 2nd May

The star of the week for St Josephs class is Milan. Milan is a lovely friend to everyone in her class, she has a wonderful imagination and is very creative. Milan is always very focused at school and everyday she come to school she goes straight to practice writing her name. She is now being ambitious and also writing her name without her name card to help her!

Well done Milan!

Week beginning 25th April

This week Diez is our star of the week. Diez is a very helpful member of St Josephs class offering to help not only his friends but the adults too. He has been very focused during our reading groups and has shown a keen interest in learning to read. Dies can often be found practicing his sounds and writing and being ambitious with the words he wants to write.

Week Beginning 19th April

The Star of the week in St Josephs class is William, William has a wonderful imagination and this week he has worked well with his friends to develop some role play ideas. He listened well to his friends and was willing to change his own ideas so his friends could also do what the wanted. 


Well done for being flexible in your play and a very kind friend.

Week Beginning 28th March

This week our star of the week is Sophia. Sophia has been practicing writing her name everyday as she comes into class and settles. She is able to trace her name independently and in forming some letters on her own, she even remembers to write her name on any creative work she does! Well done for staying so focused and resilient, even when you found it challenging you kept trying!

Week Beginning 21st March 2022

The Star of the Week for EYFS this week is Darcey. Darcey has been very focused this week as we have been learning about Road Safety. We are also very proud of how Darcey has been an excellent model for the younger pupils and has been reminding them to 'Stop, Look and Listen' when playing with the bikes outside. Well done Darcey, you are a superstar!

Week Beginning 14th March 2022

The star of the week in St Joseph’s class in Rafael. He always works very hard and is resilient in all he does. Rafael has shown an interest in puzzles, he could complete all the ones in school independently. We got Rafael a new puzzle with 35 pieces which he spent 25 minutes completing. He was so focused and ambitious with this task and was very proud of himself when he completed it.

Week beginning 7th March

The star of the week in St Joseph’s class is Celina. Celia have been very resilient when learning to read some words. She is able to use her phonics to blend sounds together and make a word. Celina is always focused and tries very hard is all her learning we are very proud of her.

Well done Celina.

Week Beginning 28th February 2022

This week Riley is the star of the week in St Joseph’s class, he is a very talkative and excited member of our class who this week has worked really hard to overcome a fear. Riley has been using the toilets in our classroom with less support from an adult. We are very proud of Riley for being so brave and letting us help him to achieve this.

Week Beginning 21st February 2022

The star of the week in St Josephs class is Johnnie, Johnnie is a very energetic, friendly member of the class who came back to school really focused and ready to learn. He has done very well in phonics and used the new digraphs learnt in our lessons to write three sentences about a train ride on his own.

Well done for coming to school very focused this half term. 

Week Beginning 7th February 2022

The star of the week in St Josephs class is Anthony! He is a very friendly member of the class who always encourages his friends and celebrates others when they have done well. Anthony has been working really hard in phonics and learning to recognise lots of sounds and then use these in his writing. He has been resilient and continued to stay focused during his learning even when he has found it tricky. 


Well done Anthony!



Week beginning 31st January

The Star of the Week for EYFS this week is Mikela. Mikela demonstrated our learning value 'Flexible' this week by applying her knowledge of number using different objects and resources. Well done Mikela, we are very proud of you.

Week Beginning 24th January 2022

This week Miguel is star of the week in St Josephs class. Miguel is a quieter member of the class, who this week found his confidence and started to speak out in larger groups. He even took on the role of mini teacher one day and was directing children at tidy up time. Miguel always works really hard and it has been really nice to see him feel confident to join in more on the carpet and share his ideas. 


Well done Miguel. 



Week Beginning 17th January 2022

The star of the week in St Joseph class is Montana, she is a very friendly, confidently and helpful member in the class. This week she has show real resilience in all areas of her learning, especially in her math learning, where she has been practicing writing number sentences to show different ways to make the number 8. She stays focused and is proud of her achievements. 


Well done Montana for being resilient and focused! 



Week Beginning 10th January 2022

The star of the week in St Josephs class is Siana.

Siana is a very helpful member of the class, she is often looking to see if there is any way she can be helpful in class, from tidying up to helping the Nursery children with their coats. This week Siana has show ambition in her learning to try new and challenging maths and writing. In her writing Siana has begun to write caption using the phonics that she knows and some tricky words and in maths Siana has used previous learning to help her learn about more and less.


Well done Siana!



Week Beginning 4th January 2022

Roman is the star of the week in St Josephs class! He has come back to school very happy and excited to learn. Roman has been focused this week and is able to follow instructions and join in with carpet sessions. He stayed focused when drawing around shapes and practiced saying the shape names.  Well done for being so focused Roman!




Week Beginning 13th December 2021

This week Montana is the star of the week for St Josephs class, she is a very kind and caring member of the class who this week has been very confident. Montana started a little nervous when practicing our class nativity, however when the parents came to watch she found her loud voice and said her lines very clearly. Well done Montana!






Week Beginning 6th December 2021

The star of the week for St Josephs class this week is Ethan. Ethan is a very kind, gentle member of the class who has been very resilient with his math learning. This week Ethan has been learning how to solve a picture addition number sentences, he found this hard at the start of the week but has been resilient and continued to try really hard and can now solve these independently. 

Great work this week Ethan!




Week Beginning 29th November 2021

This week Ueal is the Star of the week for St Josephs class. He is a very friendly member of the class who always come to school with a smile on his face. Ueal is enthusiastic to learn and has been very focused when learning to recognise numbers and count out the matching amount, he is resilient even when he finds it difficult, he keeps working hard with a smile throughout.
Well done Ueal for working so hard!




Week beginning 22nd November 2021

Eliana is the star of the week in St Josephs class, she has become much more confident at sharing her ideas in both a small group and a larger group. She is very engaged during our music lessons and is now one of the loudest singers in the class! Eliana is very focused on her learning and is working really hard to write her name independently. Well done for being so focused on your learning!


Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Alfie is the star of the Week for St Josephs class. Alfie is a very hard working member of our class and is always willing to try hard even when he finds a task difficult, demonstrating our learning value of resilience. Alfie has been working particularly hard on his phonics this week, he is learning to read and write words with sounds he has already learnt. Alfie is also independent sounding our more challenging words and writing the sounds he can hear. Well done Alfie!