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"St Dominic's helps me to be the very best I can be as a child of God."

Our Learning Values:

Focused Confident Ambitious Flexible Brave Creative Resilient Spiritual

St Peter

Week Beginning 9th May

Year 5's Stars of the Weeks this week are Charlie and Ashani. Both have been chosen this week for their fantastic first person narrative based on our class test, 'The Night Bus Hero'. They listened to all feed back and worked hard to ensure they had included all of the necessary punctuation and sentence types. 


Well done both of you. 

Week beginning 2nd May

Year 5's Stars of the Week this week are Maja and Grace. 

Both girls are getting this award for their consistent hard work in Maths. The progress they have both made has been because of their mature attitude towards their learning, their resilience and their fantastic learning behaviours. 


Well done girls, Keep it up. 

Week Beginning 19th April

Sam and Yasmin are Year 5's Stars of the Week in the first week back after Easter.


Sam has been chosen for his effort to improve his writing. He listens to any feedback and then tries his best to implement it independently. Sam has also been chosen for his polite and well-mannered behaviour; he is a pleasure to teach. 


Yasmin has had a very successful first week back and has been chosen for her Math's work. She has listened to the teacher and then worked independently to achieve her learning intention every day this week. Not only that, but she has then gone on to help others who have struggled. Well done Yasmin!!

Week Beginning 21st March

Year 5 have been swimming this week and have all behaved impeccably, I am incredibly proud of all of them. 

With that in mind, our Stars of the Weeks have been chosen for their behaviour and attitude during their swimming lessons. 


Maison has been chosen this week for trying his absolute best to overcome his fears of the water; He has done brilliantly so far! Well done Maison. 

Lewis is also our Star of the Week for the amazing progress he has made in such a short time. From the beginning, Lewis has been very keen to learn. he has listened to everything he has been told and it has paid off. 


Well done both of you. ​

Week Beginning 14th March 2022

St Peter's Stars of the Week are Eva-Rose and Raphael. 


Eva-Rose has been chosen this week for always demonstrating a high standard of work. Eva-Rose listens to all instructions and independently and successfully applies her new knowledge to her task.

Raphael has also been chosen for his focus and high standards of work; He ignores all distractions and completes work to the best of his ability

Both Eva -Rose and Raphael are excellent role models to others in the class. 


Well done both of you.

Week beginning 7th March

St Peter's Stars of the Week are Leah and Emma. Both girls are an absolute pleasure to teach and regularly do the right thing, both in class and in the playground. ​


Leah has stood out this week for being such a great friend. Leah regularly makes sure that everyone is happy and if they are not, she is the first to check in with them to see what she can do to help. This is such a fantastic quality to have, and we are very grateful for her.  


Emma has been chosen this week for her fantastic contributions during lessons and her willingness to always help others. Well done. 


Year 5 appreciated you both greatly.

Week commencing 28th February 2022

St Peter's Star's of the Week this week are Abigail and Morgan.


Both girls have earned the award this week for their hard work in lessons. They have asked for help when they have needed it and have tried their best across all subjects. Not only this, but they have both been working incredibly hard to make better choices, which is a fantastic start to Lent. 

Well done girls, keep up the hard work, it has not been going unnoticed. 

Week Beginning 21st February 2022

St Peter's  Stars of the Week this week are Ashani and Sham.


Sham has been chosen this week for the improvement in her focus and her learning behaviours. It has been a pleasure to hear Sham join in class discussions-especially during reading. Sham has shared some fantastic predications and inferences, demonstrating what she is very clearly capable of. Well done Sham, keep up the hard work.


Ashani is also this week's Star of the Week for her sheer determination to challenge herself, especially in maths. Ashani has taken on tricky questions and tasks independently and has produced incredible work because of it. In a conversation with her teacher, she shared that "she likes being pushed to do better because she knows now that she can." Year 5 are incredibly proud of you, well done!!

Week Beginning 7th February 2022

St Peter's Stars of the Week are Tommy and Dina.


Tommy has received the award this week for his fantastic writing. Tommy has been working incredibly hard to improve his writing by including year 5 punctuation, varying his vocabulary choices and sentences types. His most recent biography was flawless. Well done Tommy.


Dina has received the award for her equally brilliant effort in maths. Dina regularly tries her best; often demonstrating her fantastic mathematical mind. She is proof that hard work pays off. Well done Dina, keep it up.



Week Beginning 31st January 2022

St Peter's Stars of the Week this week are:

Michelle and Maja. Both of these girls have really impressed me this week with their hard work and perseverance in Maths. They have continuously challenged themselves and have refused to give up, even when finding things a little tricky. Well done Maja and Michelle, keep up the hard work!!!



Week Beginning 24th January 2022

St Peter's Star of the Week this week are Patrick and Ashani. They both thoroughly deserve this award for trying their best to make the right choices in the classroom and the playground. Well done both of you!!



Week Beginning 17th January 2022

Lewis has been chosen this week for a noticeable improvement in his attitude towards his learning in all lessons. Lewis has also been helping others, which has been great to see. Keep it up Lewis, well done!!


Our second Star of the Week is Emma. Emma has been deserving of this award for a long time now. She is kind, helpful and always makes fantastic contributions to her lessons. Thank you Emma, keep up the hard work.



Week Beginning 10th January 2022

St Peter's Star of the Week this week are Bobby and Maximus.


Bobby has been chosen for his fantastic artwork. Every week Bobby impresses us all with his focus and creativity during art. You are incredibly talented Bobby, well done.


Maximus has been chosen this week for his mature and sensible attitude. Maximus has been really working hard to make the right choices and to focus on what is important. We are all very proud of him. well done Maximus.



Week Beginning 4th January 2022

St Peter's Star of the Week is Maison. Maison has been chosen for his excellent start to the term. He has been focused and eager to learn, especially in Maths and Reading. He has remained engaged throughout all of his lessons and is developing a real love for learning. Well done Maison.



Our other Star of the Week is Leah. Leah's award has been truly deserved for a while now. She has blown the adults in her class away with her continued effort and determination to succeed in Maths, resulting is clear progress and an increase in her confidence. Well done Leah, keep it up!!! 



Week Beginning 13th December 2021

Charlie has really impressed me with his continued effort to make the correct choices, even when it is not always easy to do so. He has also been making a noticeable effort to improve his concentration in writing. Well done Charlie, keep it up!!


Yasmin has also impressed with her focus and perseverance in her maths work. Yasmin is developing a great understanding of fractions and we are all very proud of her. Well done Yasmin.




Week Beginning 6th December 2021

St Peter's Stars of the Week are Freddie and Mia.


Freddie has been awarded this for his improved focus and determination to complete tasks set. Not only that, but he has been beating any challenge that I have set him; including reading at home. I am very proud of Freddie and I hope he keeps it up.


Mia has got Star of the Week this week for her focus. Since coming back and starting in Year 5, Mia has a new and improved attitude towards her learning and has really focused and tried her best in all areas. But it has been especially noticed in her maths. Well done Mia!! Keep up the incredible work.

Week Beginning 29th November

St Peter's stars of the week are Eva-Rose and Tommy. They have been chosen for the effort they put in to everything they do, no matter how big or small the task. Both Eva-Rose and Tommy are kind, helpful and hard working; the perfect role models for their peers.

They are a delight to teach. Well done both of you!!!




Week Beginning 22nd November 2021

St Peter's Star for this week is Grace. Grace has been chosen this week for her effort and focus in maths. She has blown us all away with her focus and determination to get her sums correct and has worked independently to successfully achieve this. We are all very proud of you Grace, well done!! 




St Peter's Star for this week is Raphael. Raphael has been chosen for his outstanding behaviour and focus in every single one of his lessons. He never fails to complete his work to the best of his ability, due to his focus and understanding of what makes a good learner. Well done Raphael!!




Week Beginning 15th November 2021

Morgan has been chosen for St Peter's Star of the Week  for her improved focus and attitude to learning. Morgan has tried hard to stay on task, even when the work can sometimes be challenging and has been making noticeable progress. Morgan should be incredibly proud of herself and I hope she keeps it up. Well done!!




Week Beginning 8th November

Sam has been chosen for St Peter's Star of the Week  for his consistent focus across all areas of his learning. Sam listens and contributes during all lesson and then applies what he has been taught independently in his task. Not only that, but Sam is always the first to offer his help to others around him, making him a great friend too. Keep up the good work Sam, well done!!!