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Monday 13th July


Good Morning Reception!

This week is the last week of home learning before Summer! Olaf’s favourite season! This week’s focus book is titled ‘Super Duper You’ because I want you all to remember how super duper you all are in your own special way and think about how much you have grown and learnt in Reception! You have all been so wonderful to teach this year, and I have had the best time spending all this time with you. It really has been the most fun and I feel so lucky to have been your teacher!

Thank you for making me laugh until my tummy hurts, thank you for always asking if I am okay when I’m being clumsy during the phonics dance and always banging my hand on the projector! Thank you for always being so kind and polite to your friends and I. Thank you for always doing amazing listening and being so patient when the board is being silly! I am so unbelievably proud of everything you have achieved this year and it has been so special to watch you all learn to read, write and count! You amaze me every single day and your year 1 teacher is so lucky to have you all next year! I know she  is so excited to meet you all!

Benji, Bonnie and Bobby are so proud of you also. They can’t wait to tell the new Reception about you all and about their sleepovers at your homes!

I hope you all have a lovely summer and I cannot wait to see all your faces again in September!

Stay safe darlings,
Miss Lynn

Monday 6th July


Good Morning Reception!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week I thought we could explore some different jobs that people do and have a think about what you would like to do when you are an adult! In our focus book this week, there are lots of different characters who have really interesting jobs such as pilots, submarine captains and racing car drivers! Would you like to be any of these when you are older. When I was little, I always dreamed I wanted to be a hairdresser to help make everyone feel super fresh with their new hairstyles but then when I got older I decided I wanted to be a teacher and share my love of learning new things with all of you!


The bears have been researching different jobs they would like. Bobby said he would love to be a firefighter to help save people. Bonnie would love to be a vet because she loves animals and she wants to help them feel better when they are poorly. Benji would like to be a pilot so he can own his own aeroplane and fly all over the world! What would you like to do when you are all grown up? What skills do you think you would need to do that job?


I hope you all have a super week!


Take care,

Miss Lynn

Monday 29th June


Good Morning Reception!

How are you feeling today? We only have 3 more weeks until it is summer holidays! Hooray! I have been thinking lots about the beginning of the year when Miss Stella and I met you all for the first time! I remember when you all were learning our golden rules, learning to write the letter sounds and your own name! You have all come so far and learnt so much and I couldn’t be prouder of you all! Do you remember when we played outside with the parachute and learnt how to play the hedgehog game? I would hide one child under the blanket and you all had to guess who it was when I yelled ‘HEDGEHOG!’ Do you remember dancing to the crazy Santa song around Christmas time and baking delicious Christmas cookies? I remember when we made Pumpkin soup to celebrate Halloween and you all helped chop the pumpkin up and scoop out all the seeds! These are a few of my favourite memories with you. What is your favourite memory of reception?

Bonnie, Benji and Bobby are all so proud of you too! They have been thinking about the time they have all spent at your homes for sleepovers and weekend stays!  They absolutely loved spending so much time with you and watching you all grow and learn! They especially love all the cuddles they have received through out the year! What did you enjoy doing with the bears during their stay at your home?

Take care darlings,
Miss Lynn

Monday 22nd June


Good Morning Reception!

How are you feeling today? I am so happy it is beautiful and sunny again and it is going to be super hot all this week! Remember to stay safe in the sun with lots of sun cream and don’t forget to wear a sun hat if you are in a garden, park or on the balcony. Last week, the reception children in school, Miss Dawson and I sat out under the shelter and watched the rain fall when it was very heavy! We sang lots of songs about the rain and we could spot rainbows in the puddles! Do you know any songs about the rain? What is your favourite song to sing?

Benji, Bobby and Bonnie love our focus story of the week which is ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson who is the author. Can you remember what authors and illustrators do? The bears especially enjoy writing messages in flour, sugar and glitter just like the snail did with his trail in the story. What message could you write at home? It is about a snail who hitched a ride on the back of a snail to travel the world. If a whale could take you anywhere, where would you like to go? Bonnie says she would like to go to the beach to make sandcastles, Benji said he would ask the whale to take him to the bottom of the ocean to see all the colourful fish and Bobby said he would go to McDonald’s to get some chicken nuggets!

I hope you are all safe and happy and I would love to see anything you are getting up to at home! I am missing you all so very much as always!

Take care darlings,
Miss Lynn

Monday 15th June

Hi Reception!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! I’m feeling so happy since I have got to see some of your friends at school last week! We are training for Year 1 by doing lots of learning at our very own tables, which you will all be doing in September! They have told me to say hello to you all and that they miss you all so much and can’t wait to be back together again!

I hope you enjoy our focus story of the week! It is a very sweet story about a lost penguin who finds a friend who kindly brings him back home to the South Pole but when he gets there he misses him so much! I know how the penguin feels because I am missing you all terribly. The boy travelled to the South Pole by sailing across the sea using an umbrella! What would you use to travel to the South Pole? It is very cold there, so what kind of things would you bring to keep you snuggly and warm?

Benji, Bobby and Bonnie have been creating their own boats to sail across the sea. They have been digging in the junk modelling box to find things which float. What items around your house can you find that float?

Have a lovely week darlings and stay safe.

From Miss Lynn

Monday 8th June


Hey Reception! 

The weather is very different this week to what it was last week! My family and I went out for a little walk recently and we got caught in a thunderstorm! But I do really like the rain and there is still so much learning you can do when it is wet outside! I was so excited to hear about the two astronauts whom have been launched into space recently! I ran to my window to see if I could spot it zooming through the sky but I think it must have been lightning quick! What can you see outside of your window? Can you see the sky from your window, if you are able to, can you spot any shapes in the clouds? I once saw a cloud which looked like a dinosaur! 

Benji, Bobby and Bonnie have created a space station in our classroom! They are sending each other on space missions and have been building traps and tools to catch the stars. If you was trying to catch a star from the sky, how would you do it? Benji has built a slingshot to knock one out the sky and Bonnie has written an invitation to her home and placed it in a balloon so it can float up to the stars for them to read.  Bobby has been practicing jumping on the trampolines in the junior playground to try and catch them with his hands! 

I am still missing you all so much. I hope you are all okay and I really do wish to hear from you all soon! 

Take care Reception, 

From Miss Lynn

Monday 1st June


Hello Reception!

It has been so sunny recently hasn’t it? The weather has been absolutely lovely, and we are so close to the first day of Summer. The first day of summer is on the day which is one more than 21 in the month of June. What number will that day be? This week, I have been in my garden staying active and playing some outdoor games with my family. My little sisters and I have been playing bowling, volley ball and they have been soaking me with their water guns! Cheeky monkeys! Have you been playing any games with your family? Which game was your favourite?

Benji, Bonnie and Bobby have been loving the sunshine and I brought out the paddling pool for them! We made sure we were sun safe first by remembering our sun cream, sun hats and sunglasses. All the bears enjoyed splashing in the pool and Bonnie can now swim without armbands! She is very proud of herself! Bobby was a bit cheeky and jumped in the pool with his pyjamas on! Just like the baby elephant in the book we read called ‘Five Minutes Peace’ when he jumped into the bath with his Mummy! Maybe that is where he got the idea! So to show he was sorry he helped me hang his wet clothes on the washing line to dry. Have you been doing any chores or helpful things to help your families around the house?

I am missing you all so much and I am so excited to be seeing some of your faces next week! I am counting down the days! Some of you will still be staying at home and that’s okay, you can still keep busy learning with the home packs which you have all been amazing at.

I hope to hear from you all soon,

Take care,
Miss Lynn

Monday 18th May


Hello my lovelies!


Goodness me, I am missing you all so much! But some of your photos and letters have really made me smile and I am so happy to hear that you are all happy and safe! I am also super impressed with your home learning! Super job! I have written some personal replies to your letters and photos below. This week I have set you a few cooking challenges to get busy with based on our new story of the week which is called ‘Oliver’s Vegetables.’ I hope you are all doing a really good job of trying new vegetables because they all have superpowers which keep you healthy and help you grow!


I have tried a new vegetable this week which was rhubarb as we have grown some in the garden just like Oliver’s Grandpa in the story.  Bonnie, Benji and Bobby and I added it into a crumble and it was absolutely delicious! Bobby didn’t want to try it at first but Benji and Bonnie reminded him how important it is to try things and that if we don’t try then we won’t know if we like it or not! Bobby finally tried some and he thought it was scrumptious! He even had a second bowl! He had a very messy mouth afterwards as he got the custard everywhere! I miss cooking with you, remember when we made pumpkin soup for Halloween and Christmas cookies! What do you think we could make next? As it is summer maybe something fruity such as fruit kebabs or smoothies! Let me know if you have some ideas of what we can do. I would love to see photos of you making your fruit salads as one of your home learning tasks, just email them to Stay safe darlings and I hope to hear from you all soon. 


Miss Lynn

Monday 11th May


Hello Reception!

Another week of missing you all! I hope you are all okay and getting to enjoy a little bit of the lovely sunny days we have had this week! The sunshine is really helping all the flowers grow in my garden and some of them are finally flowering so they are looking super pretty! Did you enjoy our focus story of the week ‘The Tiny Seed?’ I would absolutely love to see any of the activities you completed from your home learning. I’m out in the countryside and I have been going out for short walks on fields and by farms to get some fresh air! The countryside is very different to London, there are lots of trees, fields and it is very quiet! I hear so many different birds when I’m in the garden! I have seen horses, cows and little lambs and even a deer so far!

Benji, Bobby and Bonnie enjoy the walks across the fields too! We all got our wellies on and they loved splashing in muddy puddles and got me very wet! Cheeky bears! They have been singing Old McDonald had a farm on our walks, looking for different mini beasts in the garden and taking lots of photos of all the different things they are learning. They asked me to show you some photos of all the farm animals we have seen, so I have attached them for you! Bonnie loves all the baby animals and she is trying her best to learn all the names! Her favourite are foals, do you know what baby animal that is? She has set you the challenge to find out!

As promised, I have also attached the observational drawing I did of the sunflowers in my house! I would really love to see yours and any photos of what you have been up to! Here is the email to send them to:

Stay safe my lovelies, keep up the good work! You are all superstars!
From Miss Lynn


Here is my observational drawing of the sunflowers in my house.

Monday 4th May


To my lovely Reception,


I am still missing you all so very much! I really cannot wait until we are all back together again. I hope you are enjoying the activities I have planned for you to do at home with your families.  I have been doing lots of drawing at home, I will post a drawing I did of some sunflowers next week to show you all! I would love to see photos of what you have been up to. Some of you have sent me photos of you completing the activities and I absolutely LOVE them especially the photos of your junk modelling butterflies, they are gorgeous! Get someone in your family to e-mail me absolutely anything you would like to show me to‚Äč


Benji, Bobby and Bonnie are all missing you too! They have been busy having indoor picnics, reading lots of their favourite books, their current favourite is 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt.' They love acting out the story but Bonnie always wants to be the bear so we have been practising taking it in turns, she is so cheeky sometimes! They was wondering if you have any bear friends at home that they can be pen pals with? A pen pal is someone you write letters to about what you get up in the week. If you do have a bear friend or any teddy, Benji, Bobby or Bonnie will write back to you and your teddy friend! When you have finished your writing, get a grown up to take a photo and email it to me and I will then show the bears your beautiful letters and they will write back to you about their activities. 


Stay safe darlings, I am so proud of every single one of you.

From Miss Lynn 

Monday 27th April


Hello Reception,

I am missing you all so much and I am so proud of all of you for staying at home with your families and keeping safe. I know it is tricky staying at home but you are all doing such a fantastic job! I have been busy getting our classroom nice and colourful again for when you return! Although it has one thing missing... your amazing drawings and creations! Whilst you are at home I would love for you to paint, model, draw, write lots of things for us to decorate our classroom with once we can all get back to school! I can’t wait to see them all!

I can’t wait to get back to reading our favourite stories and laughing so much when we act them out and going to the big playground to play chasing games when you all show off how much faster you are than me! I especially miss how glittery you make our classroom when we make our junk modelling creations as we know it gets absolutely everywhere!

I really can’t wait to see all your lovely smiley faces again! Keep making me proud as you always do and stay safe darlings!

From Miss Lynn