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Monday 13th July


Goodbye Year 6​


Ohhhh I am so sad writing this letter to you all today! I can't believe this is the last Monday of 2019-2020. It's so sad that I can't have you all here for the last week. 


Have you heard the good news though? We are inviting you all back into school for the final day - Friday 17th. You can come into school, release a balloon and hopefully have a bit of a catch up with your friends and us before you officially leave. You just need to call the office and let them know that you are attending. You can come in from 11:30am until 12:15am, and you need to be in your school uniform. 


You can bring in a spare t-shirt or shirt that can be signed by everyone too, but you can't have the one you are wearing signed. So make sure you bring the spare. 


I really hope all of you can make it as I have really missed you all and would love the chance to say goodbye properly. I know that Miss Hills and Ms Guppy would like to say goodbye too. So please come back! 


Thank you all of you for being such an amazing Year 6 - I have honestly had such a great year (even with COVID19) and I am so proud of you all. Well done for just being so great! 


Take care and be safe, 

Lots of love

Miss Knight 

Monday 6th July


Dear Year 6, 


Time is moving fast now...I can't believe it...only two weeks to go! It's so sad that this year has been 'a wash out' as it would have been a brilliant year. Normally, at this time of year, we are busy going on trips and having lots of fun. I'm not sure that everyone in our Year 6 bubble would say that they are having loooottttsss of fun :) 


So, it's been another busy week and we have been working hard on your memory books here in school. We need all of you at home to work hard too and send us in material (aka lots of different memories and your photos etc.) so that we can add it all together. Also, we need your input to make the book really personal to you all as a year 6 class. Please please please send in the parts you are completing! 


There is not much else to report really. Miss Hills and I have started the daily mile - some of the bubble are joining in too which makes it a lot more interesting. It seems to be getting quicker each time we do it too; maybe Miss Hills and I will be walking champs by the end of the term. 


Dilly the dog-oh is off to stay with my parents this week as she's finished doggy day care for the summer. She packed her bags last night and wouldn't sleep as she was so excited to see her grandparents. I will have to share some pictures of what she gets up to next week. 


Hope you're all well in the meantime and staying happy. I miss you all lots and lots, 

take care and be safe, 

Lots of love 

Miss Knight 

Monday 29th June


Dear Year 6,


It's getting closer to the end of the year - I can't believe it. In three weeks, you will have all officially left St Dominic' The year has really flown and I am super sad that I didn't get to spend as much time with you all as I would have liked. I know you'll all be fab at your new schools though, so I'm not worried.


Last week was a strange one in school as it was hot! We were all like wilting sunflowers :) We have been having fun with our daily quizzes though and we have watched some of the program ' The floor is lava'. It is actually hilarious so we certainly recommend it. How's the week been going with you all? Have you been completing your home learning? Or have you given up now?


Dilly had a clip this week too - so she is super cute with nice summer short hair! My house is slowly but surely being decorated. Who knew it was such a long process?! Other than that, not much to report.


Hope you all have a great week,

take care and stay safe,

Love Miss Knight

Monday 22nd June


Dear Year 6,


How are you all? Been busy out with friends? It's been so lovely, as I have had my first full week back with some of you and it's actually been really fun too. I have been in stitches during our daily quizzes; some of the answers given to the general knowledge questions have been hilarious! I've also learnt ALOT about Poland :)


So, this week there's not much to report as I have been in school every day. We have been reading the book Kid Normal as a group and I'm loving it. Some of the group don't seem to get the hidden clues as it's all about secret superheroes, but I think it's brilliant. Miss Hill's is not as enthused though - think it's because she doesn't listen as much - shhhhh - don't tell her I said that!


In maths, we have started learning some key stage 3 skills!!! Let me just say, it's tough. Have any of you been looking at your new school curriculums? See if you can find out what you will be learning in maths in September and have a go at looking up some of the skills. It will certainly give you a good head start.


Other than that...I just have some Dilly updates...

1. She has been washed three times this week as she rolled in cow poo twice!

2. She got herself locked in the bathroom, so scratched a hole in the door to get herself out...we now have a hole in the bathroom door.

3. She woke me up at 2am twice this week - her new skill is to detect burglars. Sadly though, the burglars are actually her shadows on the wall.


Hope you're all well, miss you so much. I hope you enjoy the photos too as an extra this week.


Lots of love

Miss Knight


Monday 15th June


Hi Year 6,


I am writing to you this week - it's me Dilly - as my mum is busy at school. So, I thought I would send you all a weekly update.


This week has been a fun one as it's been raining a lot! I've been getting soaked on my walks, which is good as it cools me down and most importantly, the rain brings lots of fresh smells. It's awesome. Sadly though, as I got so dirty and muddy, I was forced into a bath...yuk. I bet some of you hate baths as much as I do :)


Other news - my mummy has been decorating our new house and she has lots of lush comfy blue cushions in her new bedroom. She certainly said something about not going on them...or near them...but I was asleep, so I think she meant, I can sleep on them all day today while she's at school! She's been planting lots of nice shrubs in our new garden this week too - so I have made a point of smelling each leaf and helping her dig some new holes in other areas where I think some other new shrubs might be needed.


This week - I heard some good news too! I heard that soon my Grandparents might be able to come and stay. I can't wait to lick them and dribble on their shoes. They always give me lots of treats so they are my favourite guests. Are you looking forward to seeing your family more?


Right, well I had better go and find a sock to hide...message me back year 6 as I get bored at home (until my dog walker comes) and want to hear all your news.

Can't wait until I can come and see you - you'll need extra licks I'm sure.


Woof, woof, bark, bark



p.s. mummy sends her love and says she misses you all!

Monday 8th June


Morning Year 6, 


How are you all this week? I am very excited this morning as it'll be the first morning back for lots of you! Miss Hills and I have prepared the classroom, we're raring to go and are buzzing with excitement. We have an action packed week planned that's for sure. 


So...not much to report from me this week sadly. I have been in school a few more days, and I had to work with year 1 - it was certainly an adventure. Can you imagine me teaching phonics? I am not sure the year 1's learnt a lot of phonics but I gave it my best shot! Teaching them English and Maths was a loooott easier. 


Other news this week - I have learnt how to wall paper. I spent the weekend wall papering my new room and let me just's not easy. There are so many YouTube videos that make it look as easy as pie. Trust me - it was a struggle. Thankfully though, it's all done and so finally my bedroom is complete. Yipppeeee. Dilly the dog is loving the new wall paper too. She was a super lazy scamp this weekend though, we could not get her off the bed and out for a walk. I think it was because of all the rain :) 


Well, hope you're all having a lovely week. Make sure you contact the office if you want to come back to school as I would love to see more of you, take care, be safe and stay happy. 


Lots of love 

Miss Knight xxx

Monday 1st June


Dear Year 6, 


How was your half term? Have you all been outside enjoying the sunshine and going on fun family walks? It's been so lovely this week to hear that 'lock down' measures are easing and that we can start having some friends into our gardens. I bet you're super excited to see each other again! 


Speaking of seeing each other, it's great to think that next week I will be able to see a lot more of you and you are coming back to school for the last half term. Phew! I've missed you all and I've missed being a proper teacher. I think I am going to have to start completing the arithmetic tests to get myself back into Year 6 mode. I hope I don't get a low score...I don't want to have to give myself a yellow card :) 


So - let me tell you all about my week! I finally finished that book - A boy called Hope - and it was soooo good. It's got a really good twist towards the end and it made me laugh so much. I would definitely recommend it to any of you as it's an easy read. Also this week, I have been up early and out walking Dilly. It's been too hot in the day to take her out, so I have to get up at 6am. Friday was the worst walk though - as I got lost, didn't have enough water with me and I ended up walking 8 miles. I thought Dilly was going to have to carry me at one point as I was so tired. She was fine though...bounding around and smelling every bush. Thankfully, there was no other animals for her to chase or any cow poo to roll in. β€‹The rest of my days have been filled writing your school reports and cooking yummy cakes. I made a lemon drizzle one on Wednesday and it was delicious. 


That's been it really...nothing too exciting. I am in school a lot more this week, which I am really looking forward to and I am over the moon that I'll get to see lots of you on the 8th! I'll be counting the days.  In the meantime, until I see more of you, stay happy, keep being kind and stay safe! 


Lots of love, 

Miss Knight and a bark from Dilly (it was very loud in my ear)


Monday 18th May


Dear Year 6, 


This week was SATs week...just think if we had been in school, we would have completed our SATs! Crazy. In a way, I think it's a shame we didn't get to complete them as you had all worked so hard and I know you would have smashed them! Literally...blown us all away. Oh well... at least you have all made incredible progress and are more than ready to go to your new schools. Plus, we might get back to school soon (like the governments suggested plan) and then we really can get you even more prepared for your next schools.  


So...tell are you all? Any home learning developments? I hear some of you are cooking tasty treats for you family at home and finding the English a bit tough still. Keep up with it though as it will help you get ready for Secondary school.


This week has been a great week for me - I have moved house, started writing your reports and have been continuing with my book - A boy called Hope. I have to say - I am LOVING it! It's really funny and sad at the same time. One minute I'm laughing out loud and the next I am crying. Thankfully, I can read it in my new garden where other people can't see me - otherwise they might think I am slightly strange. :)


Sadly, I don't have much of Dilly update for you this week as she has been staying with my parents while we packed up boxes and got things sorted. I do know though that she was keen to chase the deer in the park when she went. Thankfully though, she was on the lead so couldn't get to them...that would have been a nightmare!


Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the lovely messages I am receiving. They make me really happy and it's great to hear how you are all keeping busy. Please do keep in contact by messaging the school office at; I will always respond...promise!


Missing you all terribly, stay safe and keep smiling, 


Miss Knight

Monday 11th May


Dear Year 6, 


How are you all? How is your home learning going? Are you enjoying it still? Or wishing you were back at school? It was so lovely to get a message from one of you - it made me smile from ear to ear - literally. 


This week has been a busy one. I have had your new schools contacting me, ready for your transition sessions later in July. I have been telling all of your schools how wonderful, talented, kind and fun you all are, so they are even more excited to have you joining now!


I have started a new book too called A boy called Hope. It was recommended to me by one of my teacher friends,  as she read Wonder, and loved it too. So we have swapped books. I've only just started it; I will let you know in the next few weeks how I get seems good so far. Have you been reading much? If so, send me your recommendations. 


Also this week, I have been getting active, and found some new walks around my local area - which Dilly loved. She was able to run through lots of fields and managed to roll in cow poo. YUK! She loved it though. Have any of you been out much for any walks? Have you been investigating hidden parts of Hampstead Heath? 


Please do keep in contact by messaging the school office at 


I would love to hear more from you all and hear what you have been up to. 

Missing you all terribly, stay safe and keep smiling.



Miss Knight

Monday 4th May


Hi Year 6, 


How are you all? Have you had a good week? Been out exercising? 


I've had a very productive week! I have completed lots of school work, including an online Food Hygiene course (it was really tricky) and of course I have been walking Dilly. She hasn't been enjoying the weather as much this week - especially the days where it is has been raining and really windy - but she loves being outside, so she hasn't been complaining. β€‹


So, another week completed in 'Lock Down' and I hope you've been completing all of your home learning packs. I've been looking at the daily online Oak lessons and I hope you're enjoying them - the teachers are brilliant! I haven't heard from any of you, so please email the school and let me know what you're enjoying most and what you would like to learn about in more detail. 


Otherwise, stay safe and I will hopefully see you all soon, 

Lots of love, 

Miss Knight 



Monday 27th April


Dear Year 6, 


How are you all? I hope you're all well and making the most of all of the extra time out of school. I know that loads of you have been completing your home learning packs each week and I know that most of you have completed your Easter homework pack too, so a big WELL DONE! Did you all have a nice Easter? Did you make any cakes? Get any Easter eggs? 


I have been busy over the last few weeks getting your home learning packs ready, reading lots of good books (I'll tell you more about those in a minute), baking cakes, going on runs and of course walking my dog. Sadly, she doesn't seem to understand the social distancing rule; every time we leave the house she's desperate to sniff everything and say 'hi' to anyone. So I'm going to keep working on her training with that! I have to say though, I am missing you all terribly. Being at school is much more fun and I miss maths lessons as well :( I bet you're all the same :) 


So books wise - I read a great book the other day that I am sure lots of you would like - The Whispers by Greg Howard. It's all about a world where you can make wishes - but it's not as simple as it seems. I don't want to tell you too much as it might spoil it. But research it and let me know what you think. 


Hope you all stay safe and keep active - even if it's only in the front room. Let me know what activities you have enjoyed the most and what you have been up to? Also, let me know if you have any questions with the work and need any help.


Thinking of you all, take care, 

Miss Knight